Home Decorating Tips for Your Lovely House

Home Decorating Tips

There are no hard and fast rules for decorating a room. It all goes with our intuition and how we perceive the aesthetic values. Each room is different and you have to use your imagination and use them in a case to case basis so that the room portrays what you wanted to reflect. But there are a few tips which can guide you to make a better judgment.

1. Pick the color last – The color should match the interior of the room. With furniture, sometimes, the color of the room doesn’t match and you have to again change it or live with whatever it is. That’s why you should paint the color last so that you have the opportunity to imagine what would be best.

2. Keep some space in the room – Just because a room has space, it doesn’t mean you have to fill up everything. Give a breathing space. It has a beauty of its own.

3. The height of artwork – The artwork should be hung at the right height so that it doesn’t seem odd by positioning. Different sizes will need different heights so that it fits perfectly with the wall and hence the room.

4. Resist the urge to strictly follow popular themes – Popular themes for a room look indeed nice. But it has a drawback. Since everyone is following it, if you follow strictly, it lacks the originality and hence your room will be no different than that of some other random person. Be creative, use themes and popular trends yet put your own uniqueness.

5. Adding layers of lighting – Layers of lighting, if done properly, creates such an ambiance inside the room that, the whole room produces a new dynamic and makes it alive. Different layers of lighting along with small details can change the whole environment inside which gives the aesthetic beauty of its own.

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